I'm Jan Johnson, the creative force behind Jan Marie Photography. With over 20 years of experience in corporate America, my journey took an unexpected turn when my passion for capturing moments evolved into a full-time profession.

My love for photography began on the sidelines of my two sons' multiple sports events. What started as a personal hobby capturing their athletic achievements transformed into a calling that led me to leave the corporate world behind. The energy and excitement of those sports days inspired me to venture into the world of visual storytelling.

After years of freezing unforgettable moments in the lives of numerous athletes,
I transitioned into the realm of real estate visual marketing. From there, my lens expanded to encompass headshots, events, pets, and family photography. This diverse range of experiences fueled my desire to create a photography business that not only captures images but also tells unique stories.

And so, Jan Marie Photography was born.
What sets Jan Marie Photography apart is the commitment to a boutique approach. Each session is a personalized experience tailored to your unique vision. I believe in capturing the essence of every subject, whether it's a family, or a beloved pet, individually or as one big happy family.

Thank you for considering Jan Marie Photography to be a part of your visual storytelling journey. Family is everything to me (and that includes my dog Gabby) and I look forward to the opportunity of capturing the moments that matter most to you.

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