Boutique Photography with wall art refers to the practice of
creating and preserving high-quality photographs as tangible
pieces of art that can be displayed on walls.

This approach emphasizes the longevity and significance
of the images, ensuring they can be enjoyed and passed
down through generations.

Where Art Meets Emotion



Boutique photographers often offer a range of options for displaying and preserving photographs, such as custom-framed prints, canvas wraps, or albums. By combining the artistry of photography with the durability of wall art, boutique photographers aim to create timeless pieces that can be cherished and preserved for many years to come.

We Got This!

So first, let's get on the phone and get to know each other. We definitely want to make sure we are a good fit and make sure the experience and artwork is exactly what you have envisioned. So let's get acquainted with a home visit to discuss possible venues and preferred color palettes. Together we will visualize how to capture those precious memories that you will showcase in your home for many generations.

Following the home visit and gathering ideas of the types of photos you may be interested in, we will make sure your session is fun! Laughing, joking and just being yourself in front of the camera. And no worries. We will make you feel comfortable along with your children and your pets (treats are always provided for our fur babies). We love what we do and hope the experience will be joyful!

Let's connect & chat

Your session

Ordering time

This is it! We have turned the fun sessions into beautiful heirloom artwork for your walls. So sit back and relax and we will share multiple images in several formats that we think would complement your home. We are here to hold your hand throughout this process, from choosing your favorite images to selecting the perfect design for your walls. We want you to leave with wall portraits that you and your family will adore for many generations.

Clients Know Best!

"Jan did a beautiful job photographing our 3 dearly loved cats.The prints on canvas brought them to life on our bonus room wall. This was particularly meaningful for our 19 year old kitty as we lost her shortly thereafter. Her spirit is forever captured as a work of art in our home."
- Zina Bauman -

"Working with Jan was so much fun. She carved out an entire day for us and took us to multiple locations. Such a great day and amazing pictures!"
- Cindy Smith -

"My pets are family, and when I decided to have professional pictures of each of my precious cats, Jan Marie Photography did not disappoint. Aside from the outstanding quality of these pictures, Jan was very professional and took the time to sit down and discuss what I wanted.The selection of photo options is tremendous, I almost couldn’t decide. In the end, I was so very pleased with the results, and will enjoy beautiful wall mounted photos of my fur babies for years to come."

- Beth Mattheis -

"When I received the final photographs for my senior photoshoot, I was blown away by the beauty and artistry displayed in each shot. The attention to detail and impeccable editing truly showcased Jan Marie's talent as not only a photographer but also as an artist. The images perfectly captured the moment and vibe I wanted and I highly recommend her work."
- Alyssa Mattheis -